Tips and Ways to Treat Diabetes

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What is diabetes?

It is a group of diseases that can affect your body’s ability to process glucose and insulin. The body is unable to keep the proper levels of insulin needed to process glucose out of the bloodstream and into the cells of the body. When this happens, the blood sugar level gets too high in the bloodstream and causes serious bodily damage.

This disease is becoming more common due to the increasing number of obese and inactive people. This poses people at a high risk for cardiovascular diseases which includes stroke and heart attack. People with diabetes also risk the fact of getting blind, slow wound healing, and life threatening glucose or insulin levels.

There are different ways to prevent diabetes so as to avoid the dreaded insulin injections. Just like what everyone says, prevention is better than cure. So in order to avoid these insulin injections and diabetes, there are different things that can be practiced to do so.
First, is to watch your diet. It is one of the easiest and most important way to treat diabetes. The best course of option is to limit the intake of animal fats and processed sugars. Moreover, increasing the amount of natural fruits, vegetables and whole grains will help. Also, the food intake should be at the same proportions and types of food at the same time each day to ensure that the body stays at a regular healthy level.

Second tip on how to avoid diabetes is to exercise regularly. Exercising can help draw out the excess glucose from the bloodstream. Also, while exercising, the cells in the muscles need additional energy to perform and heal after the workout has finished. When this happens, the cells of the muscles draw additional glucose out of the bloodstream into themselves to create more energy. It is recommended to get at least 30 minutes of sustained moderate activity every day. The activities may include walking, dancing, aerobics, or swimming.

Third tip is to have a regular check up. Checkups include eye and dental examinations, as well as foot checks. The reason why foot checkups are important is because people with diabetes usually have poor circulation due to the cardiovascular component of the disease. Thus, this can lead to foot problems that can escalate and lead to amputation.

Now for those who are already suffering from diabetes, there are also tips that can be followed to avoid aggravating the situation. The three steps mentioned above are still important to avoid diabetes from aggravating, however, there are medications that can be used too.

The main treatment for diabetes, especially for severe cases, is to inject insulin into the body. There have been researches that were conducted that concluded that there are other ways on how to treat diabetes with insulin aside from injecting it to the body.

Insulin can be inhaled. There have been aerosol devices that have been developed for inhaling insulin either in dry powder or solution forms. It is believed that inhaling the insulin is absorbed by the body a lot faster than injecting it. Moreover, it is also believed that the effect lasts longer. The downside of this option is that it is expensive compared to injected insulin. Clinical trials are already ongoing regarding this option.

Another option is to use oral insulin. Research has been ongoing for the last three decades on oral insulin formulation. There is a recent promising contribution on this field.

Lastly, buccal and nasal insulin. Buccal insulin is applied with an aerosol delivering a fine spray directly into the buccal mucosa. This method provides a low bioavailability of insulin and is sensitive to intercurrent local infections and irritation, though.

These days, there are ways to treat diabetes. By learning the ways to treat diabetes, you may even find althernative ways to getting insulin shots aside from injecting.


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