Why would anybody want to dampen or destroy their immune system???


The Diabetic Immune system is already compromised.




  1. Lynn Sturby

    Hi, You probably got this email from bva-tec I told you I emeailed Peter Charles and asked if he was writing these, and he said yes? Read the article from Australia. They’ve discovered a killer cell which kills other killer cells, so they’ve cured t1d in mice in clinical trials! They also say pharmaceuticals are interested!! But what I wanted to say is that, why would Peter Charles say its ludcrious, if it sounds quite reasonable?? I’ve suspected he’s not always logical. He says he’s a doctor, although doesn’t practice and doesn’t have hospital privileges. I think you wouldn’t argue with success, ie. cure of diabetes in mice? Makes me doubt his other articles. What do you think? Does the article seem reasonable to y ou? L


    1. BvA-TeC Ltd Post author

      Dear Lynn, yes I do have hospital privileges, and I practice Epidemiology for dangerous communicable diseases.
      I’l explain why this is ludicrous. All Proteins of the body are synthesised and then folded. Without folding no Protein has any effect at all. If its folded the wrong way it doesn’t work or it becomes super-hyper-toxic. Mankind doesn’t know how or why proteins fold. Mankind cannot control or stimulate protein folding. As a given fact proteins have always multiple functions and sometimes opposing ones. Nobody knows yet what the other functions of this particular protein are that seems to reverse T1 in mice. As a natural process proteins change their folding in the body to execute required functions.
      It says that this protein dampens or suppresses the immune system by dampening certain T-cells.
      Lets remember HIV. They discovered a few years back a protein that halts HIV infection and virus spread in the animal model.
      In humans it accelerates the infection rate and dampens the immune system to such an extent that the patient dies in 3 days.
      Lynn do you still think my comments are unreasonable or illogical???


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