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The Latest Juvenile Diabetes Research and News

Juvenile diabetes is one of two types of diabetes. This type has more maintenance involved: If a person does not monitor the symptoms of juvenile diabetes and their insulin levels, they could end up going blind, experiencing kidney failure, and even dying. Thus, if you have the condition, it is important to conduct your own juvenile diabetes research so you know the latest news and information. This way, you can be sure to stay healthy.

Basically, juvenile diabetes means that cells in the pancreas are destroyed. These cells make it difficult to product insulin, something that allows broken down sugar to pass into the bloodstream. Thus, if a person does not produce enough insulin, the sugar will not make it to the blood, and this in turn can lead to some major health issues. A person eats so that the food can be broken down into sugar (i.e. glucose). If this doesn’t happen, then the body will not operate well.

Though juvenile diabetes research knows more about the condition in the past, its causes are still a bit unclear. What people do know is that it results from an infection or issue with a person’s immune system. Additionally, it has been suggested that the medical condition is one that is genetic or hereditary: if a family’s immune system is predisposed to abnormalities with the pancreas or if someone in the family has diabetes, the chances of others having it is increased. For example, juvenile diabetes research shows that siblings are 100 times more at risk for the condition than other children. Though obesity has been studied by juvenile diabetes research, it seems that obesity is more linked to Type 2 diabetes than to juvenile diabetes.

Some of the latest juvenile diabetes research says that 1.4 million people in the United States have juvenile diabetes. This same research of juvenile diabetes says that Scandinavia has the highest percentage of those with the condition. These numbers have been increasing on a steady basis for quite some time. Some people believe that the increased use of processed foods, specifically processed sugar, and high rates of obesity are to blame for these increases. Juvenile diabetes research says that as many as 38 US children are diagnosed with the condition each day.

Juvenile diabetes research is still being conducted today. The condition is a serious one, and though a person may still live a long life, it can definitely be dangerous. Given the fact that the risk for this condition is higher than all other chronic medical issues related to childhood, it’s no surprise then that juvenile diabetes is on the minds of many in the medical community.

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